Choose a Food by its color. it Works!

The color of fruits and vegetables tell us the special nutrients each of these foods can offer. Red Peppers give us capsaicin, which reduces inflammation and pain. While Green Cabbage provides isoflavones that help keep our blood healthy. 10 servings of fruits and vegetables per day adds extra vitality and a healthier, longer life!

Easy Garden stretches

Stretch for the Quads


This simple quads stretch will help you use your large thigh muscles when you bend or squat.  Saves the Back!

Lunge for the Inner Thigh


This easy lunge keeps the inner thigh supple. It can prevent groin pain while gardening.

Easy Hamstring Stretch


In Spring we want to feel the earth. This is a wonderful stretch for the back of the thigh as well as the low back.

Reach for the Sky


A full arm reach helps strengthen the arms & stretch the back.

American Chiropractic Association has the Best Tips

Want to see easy STRETCHES for the OFFICE, the GARDEN, even the WEEKEND WARRIOR, click on this link:

Sleep Well & Feel Fantastic!

Dr Long recommends a Gut Cleansing Program with delicious shakes & organic herbs. 

Deep healing, great absorption & feel better than you have in years! Healthy hair, skin & deep sleep!

Health tips in the News


Food is Best Medicine, according to a Times Article

Finally Mainstream Medicine champions Healthy Eating as a way to Recovery.

Dr Long Recommends Gentle Yoga

The video clips from this Yoga Center provides simple, effective Yoga for the fuller figure. If you have arthritis or difficulty with regular Yoga, this Yoga could improve your flexibility!

Shoulder Flexibility Exercises

Dr Long's Shoulder Exercises  using Resistance Bands