Gentle Healing

My patients in the Asheville area heal quickly. Each patient receives personal holistic treatments to relieve headache pain, neck and back pain. I offer quality Chiropractic Treatment & Acupuncture Treatment in Asheville & Swannanoa.

Gentle Chiropractic in the Asheville area

Dr Long is an Expert


I am licensed and Board Certified in Chiropractic & Acupuncture treatments for the head, neck, back, joints and the whole body. My Chiropractic technique is gentle and safe for all ages. I will listen to your concerns and create an individualized treatment plan to help you heal quickly. 

Dr Long's Story


I came to the Blue Ridge Mountains to raise my daughter in a friendly, natural community. I love hiking, playing the banjo, and dancing with friends. My wonderful patients have helped me on my spiritual journey. This stupendous natural beauty is healing to each of us.