Treatment Choices

Gentle Chiropractic

Chiropractic helps children

I am licensed and Board Certified in Chiropractic My chiropractic method is gentle and safe for all ages. I will listen to your concerns, analyze your body systems, explain your condition, and create an individualized treatment plan to help you recover quickly and maintain optimum health.


Acupuncture relaxes & heals

I have helped thousands of patients with nerve injuries, sciatica, bursitis, migraines, headaches and allergies.  Acupuncture sessions are very relaxing. Acupuncture released your best natural healing. 


Nutrition helps everyone!

Science Based Nutrition provides accurate  measurements of your nutritional needs. Underlying imbalances can create problems like poor digestion, memory loss, fatigue, painful muscles and joints. My thorough approach gets the best  results.

you will receive the best care


Difficult Conditions get Results!

I have successfully treated 1000s of patients with headaches, migraines, neck and back injuries, shoulder, hip, knee and foot problems. We can find a treatment that solves your problem & brings you relief!

These Patients Feel Great!

“Dr. Noreen works very closely with my neurologist. Her Acupuncture Treatments have really reduced my migraine headaches. I am pain free now, thanks to Dr. Long." Noelle T.

"Dr. Noreen has been my Chiropractor for several years and has really helped me. As a dentist, I suffer from shoulder & neck pain. Dr. Noreen is always offering stretches, exercises & other treatment options that will improve my spine. I love being proactive.  She uses ultrasound and special adjustments so I feel I always receive very personal attention and treatment!" -Deborah Anders, DDS